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Hag Stones

There's nothing better than rummaging amongst various sea stones, sea glass and bits of seaweed, to reach down and find the most amazing and perfect Hag Stone. Filled with the magickal energy of the sea, these stones make fantastic protection amulets.

They are known by lots of names: Hag Stones, Odin Stones, Adder Stones, Snake Eggs, Hex Stones, Faery Stones, Holey Stones, Holeys and Eye Stones.

The naturally occurring holes are caused by the erosion of running water. As water has magickal and beneficial properties it is said that a Hag Stone retains all of this. But its not always water that causes the holes. Most of the ones in Whitby are actually made by a funny clam-like creature called a piddock, that burrows into the stone. Hag stones are used for healing, protection and the ability to see the Faery realms.

In Germanic folklore it was said that when serpents gathered together, they used their venom to create the holes, so these stones were worn to protect against snake bites.

Witches would use these stones in rituals and spell work but they were also used to counteract a witch's magick, ward off curses, sickness and the dead. They protected against spells, used in fertility magick and were used to heal. Fishermen and sailors would tie them on their boats and ships to protect them from evil spirits and witches. They believed that evil spirits and witches would curse the ships to have small catches and by having a Hag Stone they would be protected. The stones were also said to control the winds on the high seas and the weather. Farmers would hang them in stables and barns to protect livestock from diseases, bewitchment or being ridden to the Sabbath by witches. It is said that if you look through a Hag Stone on the night of a full moon, you can see the Kingdom of the Fae, elementals and other Faery beings. Other beliefs tell of the stones being used to bind a Faery to service for a length of time, but that would be a dangerous practice. Wear one around your neck when out in nature and looking for faeries to bring you closer to tree spirits. Hag Stones found on the beach can be used to look for sea spirits, sea elementals and mermaids.

A Hag Stone threaded on a red cord is useful at Samhain (Halloween) when the veil between our world and spirit is at its thinnest. They can protect from the evil eye and are usually hung at doors and windows for protection. Several can be tied together for a magickal boost.

These powerful and magickal stones help regenerate energy, refresh the body, mind and spirit and are full of healing energy.

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