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Floral Apothecary Wax Melt Drops - Lavender & Tonka

Floral Apothecary Wax Melt Drops - Lavender & Tonka

In the heart of the Floral Apothecary, where petals unfurl like ancient spells, these wax melt drops are born. Each one a miniature enchantment, they release their fragrant secrets when warmed by candlelight.

These wax melt drops carry the tranquillity of moon-drenched meadows. Lavender’s soothing embrace intertwines with the warmth of tonka bean—a promise of dreams woven into reality. As they melt, they release a calming spell, inviting restful slumber and whispered secrets shared between starlight and earth.

• Approx. 60g • 12 drops • 2 drops gives approx. 8hrs of fragrance • soy wax blend •

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