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Floral Apothecary Wax Melt Drops - Rose & Rhubarb

Floral Apothecary Wax Melt Drops - Rose & Rhubarb

In the heart of the Floral Apothecary, where petals unfurl like ancient spells, these wax melt drops are born. Each one a miniature enchantment, they release their fragrant secrets when warmed by candlelight.

These wax melt drops hold the essence of forbidden love. The velvety scent of roses mingles with the tang of rhubarb—a bittersweet symphony. Light them, and the room becomes a clandestine garden where passion blooms against all odds. The air is filled with longing, and the walls themselves seem to lean in, eager to listen.

• Approx. 60g • 12 drops • 2 drops gives approx. 8hrs of fragrance • soy wax blend •

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