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Jeanie O' the Fae

Jeanie O' the Fae

In the heart of Mulgrave Woods, where ancient trees whisper secrets and waterfalls cascade down moss-covered cliffs, lives Jeanie. Legend tells of how Jeanie O' the Fae is a creature both ethereal and tempestuous.

The delicate sweetness of elderflower dances through the air, reminiscent of moonlight filtering through leaves. It carries whispers of forgotten spells and ancient wisdom, a fragrance that lingers like a half-remembered dream. Tart and vibrant, gooseberry adds a zing to the candle’s composition. Imagine plucking these tiny green orbs from tangled brambles—their tanginess awakening dormant senses. Jeanie, too, harbours secrets that prick the skin like thorns. Ah, and a touch of faerie's fury! Here lies the heart of the candle—the tempest within Jeanie’s soul. A blend of stormy sea salt, crackling lightning, and the wild rage of woodland sprites. When lit, this fragrance conjures the wrath of a faerie scorned, her wings aflame with vengeance.

190g • Approx 28hr burn time •

Cotton wick

Coconut/rapeseed wax blend

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