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Lady Jane Chomley

Lady Jane Chomley

Lady Jane Chomley, the enigmatic figure accused of bewitching and killing her husband with witchcraft.

In the heart of Whitby, where the North Sea kisses the cliffs and secrets cling to the salted air, stories are told of Lady Jane Chomley's fate - a tale of beauty, intrigue, and the scent of forbidden blooms. The base of this candle is molded from the gnarled roots of ancient angelica plants, their pale fibers entwined like the threads of fate. Its fragrance is earthy, herbal, and laced with a hint of melancholy. Rising from the angelica base, the candle's core blooms with tuberose petals. These ivory flowers, once whispered to be the embodiment of forbidden desires, release their heady perfume. Tuberose sings of passion, longing, and the secrets shared between moonlit lovers. Remember, dear seeker of forgotten tales, that every fragrance carries a story.

Approx. 190g

Approx. 28hr burn time

Coconut/rapeseed wax blend

Cotton wick

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