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Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie

A lavender breeze opens this candle, reminiscent of the wild moors where Mad Maggie once roamed. Leading into the salty tang of the North Sea, carried on winds that brush against the cliffs. It whispers tales of lost ships, mermaids, and hidden coves. Delicate wafts of soft tonka bean follow, like the warmth of the hearth in Maggie's humble cottage. But beware, for beneath its sweet exterior lies a hint of mischief. The witch's laughter echoes through this fragrance, a playful dance between light and shadow. Remember, dear seeker of forgotten tales, handle this candle with reverence, for it holds a piece of Whitby's ancient magic. And if, by chance, you glimpse a shadow flit across the room, know that Mad Maggie watches over you...the witch who defied time and left her mark on the cliffs and cobbles.

190g • 28hr burn time • coconut/rapeseed wax blend • cotton wick

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