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Spiced Maple & Citrus Fragranced Candle

Spiced Maple & Citrus Fragranced Candle

Introducing Spiced Maple & Citrus – a delightful blend of warm, inviting scents that will elevate your space.

With the zesty aroma of fresh oranges, it's the perfect burst of citrus to awaken your senses.

While the rich, comforting notes of cinnamon and ginger will wrap you in a warm embrace, like a hug from your bestie.

The secret ingredient? Pure maple syrup, adding a touch of sweetness and nostalgia that will transport you to crisp autumn mornings.

And, of course, the sweet snuggle of vanilla and sugar, add a creamy depth to this aromatic symphony.

Light up this candle and let the Spiced Maple & Citrus fragrance create an ambience that's both comforting and invigorating.

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