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The Barghest Nocturne

The Barghest Nocturne

The Barghest Nocturne captures the essence of Whitby's legend of the Barghest, a spectral hound that prowls the moon-kissed cobbles under the veil of darkness.

In the labyrinthine alleys of Whitby, where sea mist clings to ancient stones and shadows weave their own tales, the Barghest's Nocturne candle flickers, a beacon for those who dare to tread where the mundane meets the supernatural. Much like the obsidian fur and claws of iridescent moonstone of the Barghest, this candle burns with an otherworldly luminescence. The fragrance is a dance between light and shadow. The dark fruits lament the night, while the black rose mourns lost souls. Together, they evoke the secrets of Whitby's graveyard and the sadness of the sea.

Remember, dear seeker of mysteries, that the Barghest's Nocturne candle is more than wax and wick. It's a pact with the unseen...a whispered bargain into the heart of the night.

Approx. 190g

Approx. 28-hour burn time

Coconut/rapeseed wax blend

Cotton wick

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