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The Whitby Wyrm

The Whitby Wyrm

Fiery ginger ignites the wick, its scent a tempest of heat and rebellion. Imagine the dragon’s breath, searing the cliffs as it awakens from centuries of slumber. The townsfolk, once blissfully ignorant, now tremble in fear, for they know the beast stirs. Within the wax, spicy ginger coils—a reminder of the Wyrm’s rage. It weaves tales of scorched ships, of fishermen lost to the abyss, their cries swallowed by the hungry sea. The spice lingers, a warning etched into the very fibres of this candle. And oh, the wrath of the townsfolk! Their whispers weave through the fragrance, like salt spray on wind-battered windows. They gather in hushed circles, recounting the Wyrm’s malevolence—the way it coils around Whitby Abbey, its ancient scales scraping against the stones.

190g • 28hrs burn time • coconut/rapeseed wax blend • cotton wick

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