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Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Sandalwood, ancient and wise, weaves its fragrant tendrils through the waxy core. It carries the memory of monks’ chants, their voices rising like incense in the abbey’s hallowed halls. Champak, delicate yet resolute, dances alongside the sandalwood. Its blossoms once adorned sacred altars, petals brushed by the fingers of devotion. Now, they bloom anew within this candle, their sweetness mingling with the chill of damp stone. Then, patchouli, dark and earthy, emerges. It clings to memories of midnight vigils, where monks sought solace in candlelit corners. Its musky embrace wraps around you, pulling you deeper into the abbey’s secrets—the hidden chambers, the echoes of penance, the whispers of lost souls.

190g • 28hrs burn time • coconut/rapeseed wax blend • cotton wick

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